Editor's Note: Scrub Me is one of my favorite makers in the city. Owner, Katherine, is so friendly and knows all there is to make her business successful. She also preforms the most painless eyebrow wax service I've ever had. (Really, I just got them done last night and already can't wait to go back) I highly suggest trying out some of her products and booking a service with her today. I'm glad she's a guest contributor on the Sundae Crochet Co blog today, talking about the life lessons she's learned from being an entrepreneur.  

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I started my skin care business when I was twenty-three. I felt strong, smart, and determined; I also felt I had lived so much and learned so many lessons already. Stubbornly, I thought I knew it all and had life pretty much figured out. How much more could I possibly I have left to learn? 

Now, five years into running my company called ‘scrub me’, I realize that being an entrepreneur has given me so much more than I ever would have imagined. I had to learn to make myself a better business owner and more successful. Those lessons ended up being ones I can apply directly to my own life and helped shape me as a young woman.

Lesson #1: Not everything will work out or go as planned the first time around.  


This is something that once I learned to accept gave me a lot of peace and stress relief. I was struggling when making soaps and other new skin care products for scrub me. I’d have an idea in my head, a well thought out recipe, and all the materials I needed. Sometimes things came to fruition exactly as I wanted and other times it was a complete failure. I would make myself sick dwelling on what I did wrong or why it didn’t work out the way I had thought. Stress from my “failure” weighed so heavy me, I could only focus on wasted time and money. What took me a couple years to learn was that it was not a failure but just a practice run. Who gets everything perfect on the first try? Not many. This applies to so many parts of life. With every failure, you learn something new and eventually whatever you are working at will be amazing.   

Lesson #2: If you want something done right you have to communicate every detail...or just do it yourself.   

We’ve all heard the saying “If you want something done right, do it yourself.” This motto rings true to me a lot as I am very particular about how things are done when it comes to my business. What I have come to learn is that, 1- It’s impossible to do everything yourself, sometimes you will need help. 2- People cannot read your mind and sometimes our brains don’t all work exactly the same. Even though a vision or idea may seem so simple and straight forward to you, someone else may interpret it in a completely different way. That’s why it is always so important to communicate in detail when delegating tasks or collaborating on projects. Instead of thinking “No one can do this correctly except for me.” think about how to better communicate with the other person you’re working with. This lesson has helped me so much in my personal and professional life.   

Lesson #3: Being late or coming unprepared (VERY RARELY) is not the end of the world.   

I thought about taking this lesson out of the blog and replacing it with a different one. At first it might not seem like helpful advice or something that would help with success but I decided that it was actually something that was really important for me to learn. I feel like maybe a lot of other young women can relate to this also. We put so much stress on ourselves to be professional, come prepared, and always be on top of everything. While being on time and prepared is very important, everything will not fall apart if you’re running late a couple times or accidently forget to bring something you should have. I cannot tell you how upset I have made myself over arriving to an event, class, or obligation a few minutes late. Then, when I arrive, thinking everything is ruined because of my mistake it’s actually not as bad as I imagined. Yes, it’s not good to be late or underprepared and it shouldn’t happen often. But, if and when it does happen just remember you are human, it does not make you a failure, and the show (or whatever it may be) will go on.  

Lesson #4: You’re always learning and you’re always going to need to ask questions. This does not make you stupid.   

I use to think part of being a strong and smart woman was having the ability to figure things out myself. I thought asking questions and needing extra information made me look unintelligent. I didn’t want to be vulnerable and admit that I did not know something or know how to do something. But how could anyone possibly know everything? If I didn’t ask questions and start learning from others I couldn’t gain knowledge or grow myself. I don’t know everything about operating a business, making soap, or all the skin care ingredients and that’s okay. I am constantly learning and not embarrassed to ask questions. This helps me better myself and my business.   

There are so many life lessons being an entrepreneur has taught me. It wouldn’t be fair if I didn’t tell you my amazing mom also helped instill all these teachings. Learning them first hand through my own business was something that helped me grow. I am still constantly learning and bettering myself and my business and I don’t think I will ever stop.  

Are there any life lessons you've learned from your business? Share with us in the comments below!

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